All I need is paper, paper, paper…

What’s been up lately? Well, I’ll start stick with the good! I mentioned my novel on another post and I’m happy to say I’ve made more progress. I have about three chapters and they keep getting longer and the pieces are starting to come together. Most other days I’ll go back and change a paragraph or some words. It always baffles me how drafting causes for a totally different final product than what one started with. I’m sure the subsequent drafts will be much more complex and beautiful. As far as my anthology, I took a pause from restructuring it to add more current prose from my time in Shanghai. What keeps me going is an idea of the final product. The smell of the cover, the pages, the perfection of the design and, of course, the sweat and tears that go into the content. Alexa Chung’s book is my style inspiration for what I hope the book to be minus the light pink but most definitely simple.


Writing is rewriting.

Also, been toying around with Adobe Premiere and was able to make my first video in ages. It’s a short video so nothing spectacular per se but it whet my appetite after so long of having abandoned tech crafts. The video stars my travel buddy Mohammed and yours truly in some of our travel adventures. We hope to make more for whatever trip we are able to make together while also incorporating Shanghai life. Cheers to creative partnership. We’re no Simon and Martina but it’ll keep me busy with my computer and my OCD on fonts and timing. So why #FEEDFACE? When people travel, they explore and more importantly, eat tons of good food and feed their face- feed face. Mo coined the phrase for us and it became a thing, so now it’s a thing. Myanmar, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and hopefully more of Asia. I’ve been wanting to head over to Vietnam and Japan. More videos? I hope.

Been thinking lately to keep myself busier and busier so I’m looking for part time work along side my full time job. I’m not doing anything else other than entertaining myself with hobbies. My hobbies may or may not make me moolah but nothing wrong with moolah if I can get it on my off days from work. Haven’t been hustling half as much as I’d like to. You guys ever get that itch? Meeting people in Shanghai has been a struggle to be honest so I’ve resolved to get out more these days though given my random introvert tendencies it’s hard to not want to be a couch potato. My two friends here in the city, bless their hearts, have been great at calling me out and hooking me up with information, so more of that please. Last but not least, my best friend from Washington, DC is coming to visit at the end of the month! A breath of fresh air of home will do all sorts of good. For her, China; for me, home.

Ebony & Mishell, 2011.

Lately I’ve been listening to Studio Ghibli instrumentals. They are nice for work days, writing, and just reflecting. If you won’t listen to anything else, listen to the first one please “One Summer’s Day” from Spirited Away (Opening Theme).



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