I will be your champion: A short rumination about love and honour inspired by a scene from Game of Thrones

Oh lord, I am doing a Game of Thrones related blog post. I didn't see this coming at all! But given my media background, love of writing, and constant commentary of film and TV plus being a millennial who needs to have an opinion of everything on the blogosphere (ha)--- here I am. Background: This past … Continue reading I will be your champion: A short rumination about love and honour inspired by a scene from Game of Thrones

Answers in the Wind

Last night I took a walk by myself for the first time in a long time. Walks like this I'd remembered in DC from bus stop to bus stop through Wisconsin Avenue, Columbia Road, and 16th Street with my iPod and teenage arrogance. Walks like this I remembered in Melbourne where I passed with semi-adult self-assurance through … Continue reading Answers in the Wind

A new season | entre pairos y derivas

Really enjoying Spotify's Daily Mix feature as it has different mix for all my favourite genres and every song that comes up is a Mishell classic. Right now I have the latino playlist going and Lamento Boliviano is gracing my ears. Y YO ESTOY AQUI, BORRACHO Y LOOCOOOO. Ja. Tengo muy buenas memorias con esta canción. … Continue reading A new season | entre pairos y derivas

Spring cleaning & three month reviews!

It's beginning to look like spring here in Shanghai. The air is fresh and bouncy, the sun seems crisp and cool, and the flowers are all white and pink blisters on tree branches. I love this breeze, I really do. Each change of season, however, calls for a change in the human spirit similar to … Continue reading Spring cleaning & three month reviews!

“Murakami” ba Shanghai hotiin boroo

Namaig joohon baihaas eej namaig nom bich gedeg l baisan. Namaig shahsandaa bish l dee, harin namaig demjih vvdnees tegej heldeg baisan gej oilgodog yum. Bi har bagaasaa temdegliin devter uvurtulsen untaj bdag baisan, ugluu bosood bicheed l, untahaasaa umun bicheed l... Namaig neg 18, 19toi baihad eej dahiad l minii nom yu bolj baina … Continue reading “Murakami” ba Shanghai hotiin boroo

Té de menta y limón: árabes, latinos y chinos

Hace algunos días exprese por Twitter que extraño hablar español todos los días. Mas bien, que lo necesito en todos mis días. Estoy muy fuera de practica y mi ortografía empeora cada día. Con los tres meses en Shanghai apenitas me he encontrado una amiguita mongola con quien hablar el idioma natal de mi madre pero … Continue reading Té de menta y limón: árabes, latinos y chinos

Magic, Darkness, and Silent Elegies

"Esto no es una elegia," Silvio sang to me for the first time in 2007... and indeed it was not an elegy. He merely marked the beginning of a very ordinary ten year journey that lead me rather extraordinarily to the front row of last night's spectacle of time and space. No longer a semi-child interrogated, my … Continue reading Magic, Darkness, and Silent Elegies