Taiwan: Mic Checks, Sleeping In, Your Self & Others

Loved Taiwan. The food was ace, the weather although with pouring rain in the mornings was still very pleasant. Lost a couple of umbrellas here so I assume we'll be coming back! I'll explain: I remember when I lost a beautiful green and blue scarf in Berlin back in 2009, my Mongolian friend said to me … Continue reading Taiwan: Mic Checks, Sleeping In, Your Self & Others

Magic, Darkness, and Silent Elegies

"Esto no es una elegia," Silvio sang to me for the first time in 2007... and indeed it was not an elegy. He merely marked the beginning of a very ordinary ten year journey that lead me rather extraordinarily to the front row of last night's spectacle of time and space. No longer a semi-child interrogated, my … Continue reading Magic, Darkness, and Silent Elegies